We  here at AquaVerde Aquaponics grow our produce and raise our Tilapia in  the way nature intended, without Herbicides, GMOs, Pesticides or  Fertilizers.  Aquaponics consists of two main parts, the aquaculture  part, raising of Tilapia and the hydroponics part for growing plants.   Aquatic effluents, resulting from uneaten food and fish waste makes  effluent-rich water which is filtered through the gravel where the  produce grows.  The effluents have all nutrients essential for plant  growth so there is no need for fertilizers and the use of Pesticides or  Herbicides would kill the fish. Aquaponics is a very sustainable way to farm since the water is recirculated and there is very low energy consumed

We are your McHenry County Locally Grown supplier of Vegetables, Herbs and Tilapia

We grow a variety of vegetables and herbs:

* Tomatoes  Cherry and Beefsteak * Jalapeno Peppers * Green Peppers * Hot Wax Peppers * Serrano Peppers

* Kale * Celery * Romaine Lettuce * Mixed Greens * Basil *  Oregano * Thai Basil * Sage *  Tarragon

* Flat Parsley * Curly Parsley * Chives * Rosemary * Thyme

We use only organic or heirloom seeds to start off plants right.

Our  Tilapia are grown in the freshest water, eating non land based proteins  the way nature intended. There are no antibiotics used or heavy metals  in our system. We are your only source of locally grown Tilapia in  McHenry County. 

To learn more about AquaVerde Apuaponics please Call Julie Zamudio at 847-274-7111